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Let’s be honest, older workers have a stigma of being less likely to be flexible and adapt to change quickly. However with 35% of the workforce over 45, it makes you question why. Why do we want to put our mature aged workers in a metaphorical box and throw away the key?

Now, if you’re reading this and fretting about the fact that you are a mature aged worker, let me make you feel better. Angelina Jolie, Leonardo Dicaprio and David Beckham are all a) gorgeous, b) classified as “mature aged workers” by the department of education. Bet that makes you feel good, huh? 

Just like the “mature aged” stars above, there is much value in employing workers who are “mature aged” and research shows they are more adaptable than you may think and it is my pleasure to lay out the exact reasons why. 

1. They are a wealth of knowledge

Mature workers have usually been in the workforce a while. This means they carry around with them, a vital wealth of knowledge that everyone in the workplace can benefit from. Knowledge in operations, sales, relationship management and many more key components that make up a successful business that can be passed onto younger generations. Because of this, mature workers also make fantastic coaches and mentors inside your organisation, and this will allow older generations to feel valued and the younger generations to be informed. 

2. They add versatility to your team 

Mature workers are an important piece of the puzzle that make up a successful business. “[Older workers] are a powerful asset for an organisation. If you make full use of the talent of your whole workforce, you are much more likely to gain a competitive advantage and be more effective,”  says Sharon Parker, professor of organisational behaviour at Curtin University Future of Work Institute. Adding mature workers will help you achieve a versatile workforce with differing opinions, experience, advice and knowledge.

3. Research shows that mature workers are actually less resistant to change & less likely to leave their organisation 

They are used to change! Throughout the years, they have seen a lot of it. Whether it is in their professional or personal lives they have usually been through numerous amounts of restructure and because of this they know to just adapt and get on with it. They are also extremely loyal and hiring long workers will mean you are less likely to have a high turnover rate in staff saving you in hiring costs but also leaving you with engaged and loyal employees. 

4. Interested in learning about technology

And who wouldn’t be! It is the way of the future and helps you work smarter not harder. Mature workers see that and they want to stay relevant and employed. Expand on their knowledge and invest and suggest training and new systems to help your mature employees keep on top of recent technology and how they can use it to continue to excel in the workforce. 

5. Reskilling & Upskilling your mature staff is more enticing now more then ever

According to the ABC, experts said in some cases the rates may be attributed to the earlier portion of a person's working life having been spent in the same job, leading to dated qualifications. Keeping your skills and knowledge up to date is imperative to the success of mature workers and it has never been more enticing thanks for government funding that will pay up to 50% of training costs for workers over the age of 45. Find out more in our recent blog How To Benefit From Funding To Upskill Workers Over 45. 

Remember, age is just a number. The experience and wealth of knowledge mature workers bring is priceless. 

We also recently hosted a webinar on making the most out of your workforce and how to make the most of government funding to do so, click here to watch the replay

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