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In the past decade organisations have been engrossed with online learning for their teams. And why shouldn’t they? Online Learning is the answer workplaces were looking for. Online courses are convenient, easy to enrol in and put’s the progress of the course in the learner’s hands. Online courses are also (generally) the cheaper option. 

Training organisations and universities understand this but they also know the value of interaction and demonstration of learnt competencies thus we have online courses with forums, webinars and group work.

However, there are values and interactions which cannot be captured in an online forum like they are in a classroom.

  1. The Trainer

Usually the person/people running your session are industry professionals. No matter what the learning material says, there is often no better way to get a point across then hearing a real world story from someone who has been there-done that.


  1. The Peer Camaraderie

Being in a room with like-minded people who have similar interests to you can be a fantastic way to make new networks or even friendships. At ISM we have had clients who have met in our workshops and gone on to work together afterwards.

Class discussion on course-relevant topics can offer an insight to a subject that may not be reached with an online class. Tackling industry changes and voicing points of view means that each workshop held is different and dynamic. 


  1. Staying on track

This would have to be the biggest draw card for me towards face-to-face learning. Yes, it is lovely to receive regular emails from admin who are ‘checking in’ on your progress and reminding you that it’s been 20 days since you last logged it (eep!) BUT having regular scheduled workshops just seems to keep people more focussed. Most people don’t want to be ‘that person’ who hasn’t completed their work before the next workshop.


Online learning definitely has a place in this modern world and it isn’t going anywhere. If the option to learn face-to-face is available to you, I strongly urge you to take it! ISM have a mix of both online and face-to-face workshops. Make sure you check them out.


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Melissa Brugman

Mel has been working at ISM since 2012. During this time she has covered numerous roles and has now landed herself (comfortably) into Marketing. Mel has a strong interest in the Australian financial services sector with a background in Financial Planning Operations and working in a UK Ratings agency.

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