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Learning is a personal journey. What works for you, might not work for your neighbour. According to our Academic Director, Jenny Meurant, figuring out your learning style, setting up a good learning environment and setting a study schedule that suits you, are all instrumental in your success. 

Discovering your learning style

Each of us have different ways to effectively learn. Figuring out your learning style is important as when you understand your learning style, you’re able to learn better.

Below are the 4 different learning styles. For most people, one of these will work best however, it is definitely possible a combination of styles could be effective for you.

  • Visual - Learns through pictures, diagrams, illustrations
  • Auditory - Learns through listening, lectures recordings
  • Reading/Writing - Learns by reading the material, writing summations
  • Kinaesthetic - A hands on learner who learns from experience, observation activity and experimentation

Think about your history - how have you enjoyed learning in the past? If you’re not sure, try out the different options and see what resonates with you. You can also take a simple VARK multiple choice test online to determine your learning style.

Setting up your learning environment

Now that you have your learning style figured out, it is time to set up your learning environment. The space you are in important in you achieving your study goals.

Use your learning style to help you set up your space. If you’re a visual learner, you might want to stick things up on your wall to enhance your studies, if you’re auditory learner, perhaps you need a quiet space or you would enjoy music in the background.

Choose the right place for you to help you learn.

Setting a study schedule that suits you

Now you have chosen your learning style and where you will learn, it is time to look at your study schedule. You have chosen to take on studies which, in a lot of circumstances, may mean sacrifice and adjustments to your everyday life. Find what works for you in the situation you’re in now right now. There's no right way, it’s what works best for you.

Setting SMART and reasonable goals for yourself will set you up for success. You may not be a single 18 year old with not a care in the world (sigh!), and this may mean there are more responsibilities now. Finding a study schedule that suits with your current work, life and social responsibilities is essential. Be reasonable, kind and fair with yourself. You've got this. 

📙Jen's Top Tips 📙

  • Don't stay up all night! Your brain needs to recuperate and sleep

  • Make sure your body is well enough to learn. Fuel it with water, healthy food and exercise 

  • Include your family and friends who supported you to achieve your goals in your success. Your success is their success - don’t leave them out!

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