5 tips to lift your leadership in lockdown

opendocumentWith the majority of Australia in lockdown, ISM is seeing some pressures surface for leaders across the nation, and we want to help. We wanted to bring you our top 5 ways to lift your leadership in lockdown, and a special offer for those leaders looking to expand their skills, knowledge and leadership right now.

1. Lead your employees as a ‘whole person’

When you were in the office your employees would walk into the office as professionals, leaving home at home. Now, you are literally, in their homes. You are leading the whole person, not just a profession. This is why checking in, having conversations about them as a person, asking how they are and truly listening is key. The best leaders have incredibly high emotional intelligence and empathy, they are the key ingredients for success right now, put yourself in your employee’s shoes as much as possible.

2. Communication is beyond critical 

Communication is such a critical element of leadership, but many leaders get caught under communicating and not being ‘visible’ at these times. We understand you’re busy trying to run your business/team and are caught in the operational, but its times like these you need to focus on communication, alignment and be incredibly visible to reassure your team. A video message, organising a team drinks, an online Q&A session or making sure you stick to your regular team catchups or one on ones is critical, don’t cancel.

3. You can’t drive your team with an empty tank

As you support your team in navigating change, ambiguity and uncertainty it’s important that you fill your cup up first. Yes, it’s like the oxygen mask on the plane, yours first, then others. Carve time out to step away from your desk and go for a walk, find outlets to release stress, eat good food, exercise, and focus on your well-being to then shine a light to support others. Also, consider showing your ‘human side’ to your team. People don’t leave organisations, they leave leaders. Show them they want to stay with you, especially as top talent is being poached right now.

4. Align your people to what you need to achieve

Now, this may be aligning them to your ‘why’, your existing strategy or your ‘this is what we need to do right now to pivot’ goals. People want and need vision, direction, purpose and goals right now. Try applying the ACE principle during these times– achievement, connection and enjoyment. If you offer all three through work you will get the most out of your people and achieve your strategy, goals and success at a time when other businesses are floundering.

 5. Connect with, and learn from other leaders during this time
Connection is key, learning doesn’t stop – it never stops, and becomes even more critical at these times. It might be getting on LinkedIn and seeing what others are doing, getting yourself a coach or mentor through these times, or if you wanted to learn from great leaders and connect with other leaders we have a great opportunity starting over the next 2 weeks, read on.
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Kimberley Tunbridge

19 years experience working with organisations to engage their people to deliver strategic priorities and better business results through connective communication, employee experience, change management and events.

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