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Loyalty is going to the same coffee shop every morning, what your dog gives you unconditionally, and what your significant other should be an exemplary example of.

Loyal is also what you want your clients to be. A loyal client is an invaluable asset as they save you money, time and resources. They can also be your best salesperson with word of mouth referrals and recommendations.

Let’s explore 3 ways you can create a loyal client base. ..

1. Customer service has to be #1 priority

In a time where we have access to the world at our fingertips, through our phones, you cannot afford to lag in the customer service department. To quote Maya Angelou, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”. In my opinion, you should print this out and stick it up somewhere you can read it everyday. Manage a team? Print it out for them and make them read it everyday. 

Training and resources should ensure you and your team give exceptional customer service. Your team should be friendly, knowledgable and efficient. The alternative?  There are many companies out there who are happy to step in your place. And good customer service these days doesn’t mean a welcome greeting or a smile at the door. Go above and beyond, think outside the box, get creative.

Look at the Ritz Carlton group for example, they have always prided themselves on exceptional customer service.

“I left The Ritz-Carlton Sarasota in such a rush for the airport that I forgot my laptop charger in my room. I planned to call when I got back into my office, but before I could, I received a next-day air package from The Ritz-Carlton Sarasota. In it was my charger, with a note saying, 'Mr. DiJulius, I wanted to make sure we got this to you right away. I am sure you need it, and, just in case, I sent you an extra charger for your laptop." The note was signed by Larry K. Kinney, in Loss Prevention.’”

The Ritz-Carlton even had a daily budget for each staff member, whether you're on the reception desk or cleaning the rooms, of up to $2,000 to use on improving guest experience. That's right, $2,000 just to use to make guests stays extra extraordinary and unforgettable.

Now, obviously we don’t all have $2,000 a day to shell out however you don’t need the big bucks to provide your clients with exceptional customer service. Creative and monetary resources can be used to create memorable moments for your customers such as handwritten thank you or appreciation notes, small bits, flowers on anniversaries or birthdays or even discount codes.

Good customer service has to flow from the top down. Remember consistency is key! 

2. Ask for feedback and take it onboard!

It isn’t enough to just ask for feedback but you should be listening and using it for your advantage. Your clients are using your product/service because they (hopefully) like it! So ask them for feedback. How can you improve? What do they love? What would they like to see changed? Any recommendations? What are we doing well? Is there anything we aren’t doing well? There are a plethora of questions you can ask to get useful feedback.

A good way to do this would be to send check in emails. Not an automated email from a bot but an email from a real, engaged employee who actually wants to know how they can improve the product/service for the customer.

You don’t want to do this exercise just to run through the motions. Make sure you/ your staff are actually listening and reporting back and acting on trends you are noticing so you are able to consistently adapt and meeting customers expectations and fulfil their needs.

3. Create a loyalty program 

Loyalty programs are a great way to entice your clients to stay loyal (duh) but also happy. As a woman who treasures her Qantas Frequent Flyer program more than she should, I can advocate for the fact they work. Try and be as creative as you can with your loyalty program. You can reward clients with discounts or providing them with added value, small gifts like flowers on their birthday or key anniversary dates, experience driven rewards, virtual rewards such as virtual badges, award nights, the list is endless, really! Make it special and make it your own. 

Creating a loyalty program can then leave to new clients. If your clients enjoy their loyalty program, they will tell or show(hello business class lounge thanks to my frequent flyer rewards program) others about the program who will not want to miss out on the action! 


⭐ Smile, people! Yes, even on the phone! 

⭐ Underpromise and overdeliver. 

⭐ Honesty is key!

⭐Patience is a virtue. 

So there you have it, some simple yet effective ways you can  keep your clients loyal. Remember, quality is everything, implement good strategies, teach them to your team and you will be set up for success. 

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Annabel Sullivan

Annabel started with ISM in early 2020 and has hit the ground running. Annabel works on ISM's marketing and social media and building relationships with our amazing clients.