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Your pathway to Commercial and Asset Finance

At ISM we have hundreds of mortgage brokers come through our doors (both physically and virtually) and so many of them have a keen interest in commercial lending- it just seems to be one of those ‘maybe one day’ goals.

So why is it that so many resi brokers put commercial finance on the back burner? It isn’t easy in the resi world right now, surely now is the time to diversify? Perhaps, the idea of starting something different is off-putting. Change is scary (and rightly so) but it doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Here are some quick tips to get you started if you are keen on getting started in commercial and asset finance.

1. Talk to your BDM

They will guide you and put you in contact with the right people, right lenders and perhaps recommend a mentor to guide you.

2. Start with car finance

With so many homeowners buying a new car within a year of settlement, it makes sense to build on the trust and rapport already achieved previously. You will become their ‘go-to’ for all lending going forward! Even better if they are small business owners.

3. Get wised up

You may know the ins and outs or mortgage finance but commercial and asset finance is a whole new kettle of fish.

Do you know?

  • How to analyse the statement of Financial Performance and Financial Position?
  • The way to package all elements of information required by the underwriter to assess a finance application?
  • Advanced methods of evaluation for selecting capital and equipment financing options (Discounting cash flows and NPV)?
  • The legal structures and the impact to the evaluation of finance options (Trusts and SMSF structures)?

Don’t let that put you off though. ISM has worked closely with the Commercial and Asset Finance Association (CAFBA) to develop the only commercial and asset finance qualifications in Australia. You can choose from the FNS41815 Certificate IV In Financial Services, Specialising In Commercial And Asset Finance or the FNS51815 Diploma Of Financial Services, Specialising In Complex Issues In Commercial Lending. If you are not sure which one is best for you, call our team on 1300 00 705 to discuss. If you are new to Commercial and Asset Finance, we generally recommend you start with the Certificate IV.


ISM have over 25 years experience working with finance professionals. We would love to help you grow your business and your career.


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Melissa Brugman

Mel has been working at ISM since 2012. During this time she has covered numerous roles and has now landed herself (comfortably) into Marketing. Mel has a strong interest in the Australian financial services sector with a background in Financial Planning Operations and working in a UK Ratings agency.