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Habits... we all have them. Some good, some bad. Like any job, creating positive working habits are going to set you up for success. For Mortgage Brokers, creating positive habits early on, are going to mean that you are always ready for what the future holds...

Let's explore the 3 habits highly successful Mortgage Brokers have. 

1. They’re client focused… always

Successful brokers know that clients are their #1 asset. From a human level, of course you want to give your clients the best possible experience, especially when you’re dealing with something as emotional as purchasing a home. But from a business level, you need to know creating a wonderful customer experience for your clients, will lead them to become your biggest source of lead generation.

When it comes to your clients, there should be no stone left unturned to leave your customer absolutely happy with their experience with you. Regular health check calls, building personal relationships and checking in after the deal is closed are all ways you can make sure you’re going above and beyond for your clients. Try and think outside the box… maybe you’re working with a first time home owner, buy them a bottle of Champagne when they have secured the property, maybe you’re working with a family who are welcoming a new addition so looking for a bigger family home, call and check on them and see how they are going after they’re settled and moved in. There are many ways you can go above and beyond, get creative!

2. They know the importance of a healthy pipeline

Successful brokers understand the importance of a healthy pipeline. Networking, communicating with existing clients, seeking referrals through happy customers and through professional relationships such as buyers agents, financial planners, tax accountants, small builders, professional associations etc are just some of the sources you should be going to in order to create that pipeline and if you have strong relationships, it shouldn’t be hard.

But always remember, people won’t give you a lead or referral unless you demonstrate you have the values that make a successful broker. Be reliable, honest, caring, hardworking and good at the technical aspects of lending. It is also important when connecting you have a reciprocal relationship - don’t just ask for a referral, but drive business for them as well. It’s a two way street to happiness!

3. They never stop learning

There is always something new to learn, especially in this day in-age. With online and virtual courses and resources, if you’re not moving forward in knowledge, you’ll be moving backwards because everybody else will pass you.Customers’ needs are quite complex and often, they’re not so much about the ability to service a loan, but more about the timing and complexity of moving houses, selling and negotiating to buy a new house etc. Therefore, the broker needs to be aware of the constraints and limitations around complex issues and have the right tools available to them in order to solve those problems.

They need to be able to think outside the box which is where, we come in. ISM offers interactive online and virtual workshops where you will learn from our highly experienced trainers how to become a successful Mortgage Broker. 

Click HERE to find our more information on the FNS40815 Certificate IV in Finance & Mortgage Broking Management and click HERE to find out more information on the FNS50315 Diploma of Finance & Mortgage Broking Management.

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Annabel Sullivan

Annabel started with ISM in early 2020 and has hit the ground running. Annabel works on ISM's marketing and social media and building relationships with our amazing clients.